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My name is Sam Vipond.

I'm a web developer, sound designer, DJ and drummer.
I live in Montreal, Québec.
Have a peek at my website here, and if you'd like to hire me for something, please get in touch.

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Web Development

I specialize in making Custom Wordpress Themes - unique, mobile-friendly sites, specific to whatever you might have in mind, which can be easily upated and customized via a simple Wordpress backend. I can also take care of domain registration, hosting, SEO optimization, training, and just about anything else you might need. Click below to see some sites I have made (some are works in progress...)

I'm also a musician. I've done work as a freelance DJ, Drummer and Sound Designer/Editor. Learn more below.


I like to DJ at parties and festivals. Check out some stuff here.


I play the drums. Learn more about that here.


I do work as a sound designer and sound editor. See some projects here.

I started DJing in 2006. Since then I've explored a number of different genres, from Dubstep to Garage to House and on to all kinds of bass music. These days I like to call what I play "Fancy Bass".

Some highlights of my DJ career thus far include opening for Bassnectar at the Piknic √Člectronik festival in Montreal (with my tag-team buddy Living Stone) and, most recently, playing on the main stage at Igloofest opening up for The Gaslamp Killer.

I'm available for house parties, weddings, festivals and raves - if you'd like to have me play at your event, please get in touch.

You can check out some of my mixes here, some of my silly bootlegs here, or download my EPK below.

I started playing the drums when I was 13. Over the years I've played in bands of a wide range of styles, from Hardcore (my first garage band, O), to my High School's jazz band, to an Afrobeat Orchestra, an "absurdist jazz/rock duo" (the Pamplemousse Explosion), an electro-acoustic/freejazz/improv ensemble (Corse) and, most recently an electro/indie-rock outfit (Flicker State). I've also done recording session work here and there, and I'm always game for more. Get in touch if you'd like me to record some drums for you.

I haven't been playing a lot of drums lately, but would join the right band or project at the drop of a hat. Some kind of psychedelic / progressive / acoustic / electronic / danceable / improv-friendly unit would be ideal ;)

Anyhow, here are some snippets of things I've been a part of in the past:

Thanks for stopping by, find me on social media below.

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Thanks for stopping by, find me on social media below.

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Thanks for stopping by, find me on social media below.